Due to recent changes in the Building Code and Australian Standards, it is now a requirement that if a glass balustrade is installed where there is more than 1 meter fall on the other side, a top rail is required.  It must span 3 consecutive panels, and if possible, in keeping with good building practice,  be fitted to a solid structure or post at each end.

Gator Top Rail Clamp will allow you to attach any handrail, either timber or aluminium which has a flat underside, to the top edge of the glass with a gap of approx. 20mm between the two.  And yes, keeping in line with the rest of the Gator Glass Clamp range, NO HOLES need to be drilled through the glass.

It has been designed to achieve the maximum strength with the smallest body and uses the same principles of clamping as the Gator Glass Clamps.  It is made up of 2 parts: a fixing Tee piece and the Clamp Body.  A fixing jig will be available to make the attachment of the Tee piece to the handrail even easier.

TOP RAIL - currently being redesigned