Architects and Designers think outside the square when designing decks around swimming pools or even trying to capture that great view.   Gator Deck Mount Clamps will fix directly to the deck structure allowing you to capture the view interrupted or to provide a safe but clear view of the kids playing in the pool.   

To make the installation of the Gator Deck Mount Clamp even easier, we provide you with a template to mark the location of the hold down bolts.   
Timber decks are generally designed with a slight fall on them to help with the water runoff.   After some insight into the installers needs, we have designed a shaped shim that fits under the base plate.
By sliding the shim under one side of the base plate around the hold down bolt, it moves the top edge of the glass to compensate for the fall on the deck.   This insures that all the glass panels will be in alignment.