The Gator Core Drilled Glass Clamp is designed to be fixed directly into a concrete slab or nib wall. Drill a 83mm diameter hole a minimum 80mm deep then use a 40MPa non shrink grout to fix into place.

Gator Core Drill Full or Gator Core Drill Split.  Which do I use where?

The Full Clamp was designed with the intention that it would be able to used in a public space.  Security  of the glass panel against theft and the added strength of the Gator Full Clamp, make this the ideal solution to frameless glass balustrade or fencing in a public space.  Once the Gator Clamp is grouted in, and even if the bolt is removed, the glass panel will remain securely clamped.  Removal of the glass is not possible once installed.

Split Clamp.  Accidents happen around the home and glass security against theft is so much of a problem, so an important design criteria was to have the Gator Split Clamp capable of making the  removal of broken glass as simple and as safe as possible.   In the unlikely event that the 12mm toughened glass is broken, carefully remove any pieces of the glass still clamped by undoing the clamping bolt.

Order your replacement glass, no holes required, fit into Gator Split Clamp and retighten the bolt.  Simple as that.