• Pool Fence Height: Minimum height is 1200mm from any ground surface.
  • Balustrade: Minimum height is 1000mm from finished floor height. If there is a drop of more than 1000mm on the other side, a Top Rail must be fitted to the glass panels. This can be achieved using the Gator Top Rail Clamp.
  • When comparing Gator Glass Clamps with others, ask the supplier for a letter of compliance from a Structural Engineer. This is important. Not only will it make getting Council Approval easier, it gives you peace of mind knowing that the Clamp is strong enough to support the glass and resist the implied loads.
  • GATOR GLASS CLAMPS comply with all relevant Building Codes and Australian Standard, AS 1170 Loading codes, AS1288 Glazing code. A letter of compliance from a Structural Engineer is supplied with all Gator Clamps.
  • Drilling holes through the glass is expensive, time consuming along with a high probability that they will be drilled incorrectly. Gator Glass Clamps require NO HOLES to be drilled through the glass.
  • Some Advantages of NO HOLES:
    • Easy installation.
    • Cannot break the glass due to over tightening the bolts.
    • Do not have to be a certified installer. Simple and easy for the DIY person or Tradesperson.
    • Glass panels can be easily adjusted to get even spacing of panels.
    • Location of Gator Core Drilled Clamp can be changed if an obstruction is encountered whilst core drilling.
    • Cheaper glass as no expensive holes need to be drilled.
    • No chance of holes being in the wrong place.
  • Powder Coated or Stainless Steel: Stainless products have a tendency to discolour or Tea Stain as it is commonly known, when subject to external elements. They require regular cleaning and polishing to maintain their shine. Advances in Powder Coating quality have greatly improved over recent times with manufactures giving a standard 7 year warranty. The original lustre of a Powder Coated Gator Glass Clamp is easily to maintain by simply washing with a mild detergent.
  • Unlike some other clamps on the market, Gator clamps do not require the installer to purchase additional plates or to cut the clamp when wanting to deck mount. Gator Deck Mount Glass Clamps are ready to use straight out of the box, complete with the Base Plate already attached to the Clamp.
  • Check with State Government websites for the Pool Fencing requirements in your state.
  • Disclaimer: Gator Glass Clamps provide only a means of clamping glass panels as per Engineers Details. We do not give any warranty implied or otherwise as to the compliance of the glass used on our clamps. Gator Glass Clamps are warranted and limited to faulty workmanship of the Clamp, powder coating only. Gator Glass Clamps must be installed to the Engineers’ details as supplied.