• No holes are required in the glass panel, which means:
    • Cheaper glass
    • Easer installation
    • More flexibility when installing
    • Less breakage of glass panels
    • No incorrect positioning
  • Gator Glass Clamps are easy to install – for either a professional OR a home handy man
  • Everything you need is in the box – there is even an Allen key to tighten it up
  • Damaged glass panels can be easily removed and replaced
  • Gator Glass Clamps can be installed after all the other trades have finished – which reduces the risk of damage to the glass panels.
  • Our design allows approximately 70mm under the glass panels – making cleaning easier
  • Gator Glass Clamps were designed and are manufactured by the same company in Australia, which means:
    • Gator Glass Clamps are high quality
    • Perfect blend between function and design
    • Not imported - supporting local business
    • More flexibility in colours and sizes
    • Gator Glass Clamps can be made to your requirements -
      DIY instruction sheet is included