Gator Glass Clamps are a new innovation in frameless glass panel fencing spigots. This stunning new system not only looks great but they are safer.

Having to drill holes through the glass has always been a problem. Unlike other glass spigots currently on the market, Gator Glass Clamp is the first and the original frameless glass spigot to use a specifically designed rubber insert for the clamping.

So unique is the design, it carriers design registration thru IP Australia. With the use of this rubber insert, NO HOLES are required to be drilled through the glass.

Gator Glass Clamps have been restyled to achieve a more architectural look. We have removed the square top edge from the clamp and shortened the overall exposed height. Machining a radius on the top edge prevents the dirt building as before with the square top.

With no need to drill through the glass there is less risk of breakage, no wasted glass and installation is a breeze - safer, quicker and easier. This unique system combines the perfect design with great looks.

Because Gator Glass Clamps are manufacture by the people who designed them there is more flexibility with colours and sizes – you can have a look you want with a size you need.

Gator Glass Clamps make a statement – “the ultimate glass clamp with BITE”